We're working on a new enzyme from Icelandic geysers

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  • 07/02/2023
FiXiT - hot water polymerase


Joanna Tymecka-Mulik and Katarzyna Burkiewicz while sampling hot water from geysers. Iceland 2016.

A&A Biotechnology is a beneficiary of the Virus-X project financing from the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020 (project no. 685778). In this project we are researching the possibilities of using the unknown enzymes living in extreme environments e.g. in high temperatures, hydrostatic pressure or salinity.

One of the discovered enzymes is a DNA polymerase which properties allow an effective and accurate isothermal amplification of either circular plasmid DNA and the long fragments of genomic DNA. The amplification products might be then used in such molecular techniques as PCR, Real-Time PCR or NGS.

We are still working either on the FiXiT DNA polymerase full characteristic and its applications. We believe that it will be a useful tool in your laboratories and will enable obtaining of many interesting results, especially with your valuable samples.