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  • 13/03/2024

Viscolase: Your Supernatural Solution to Molecular Biology Challenges!

Tired of battling DNA/RNA slime in your lab experiments? Viscolase, a genetically engineered nuclease, is here to redefine your molecular biology experience! This Supernatural Slime Buster goes beyond ordinary tools, leaving even renowned options envious.

Why choose Viscolase for your molecular biology conundrums?

  1. DNA/RNA Removal from Recombinant Protein Parties: Viscolase clears unwanted genetic material, letting your proteins shine like stars.
  2. Viscosity Vibe Check in Cell Lysate Parties: Say goodbye to sticky messes! Viscolase reduces viscosity, making cell lysates smoother than a hit song.
  3. Preparation of Samples for 2D Gel Electrophoresis: Ready to drop the beat on the 2D gel? Viscolase ensures your protein samples are primed for a molecular masterpiece.

Bid farewell to slimy obstacles and embrace Viscolase's supernatural powers. Revolutionize your lab experience and conquer molecular biology challenges like never before!