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  • 06/03/2024

A&A Biotechnology is gratified to introduce our high quality, extremely active, more than satisfyingly pure, DNA/RNA-free and snow white recombinant Proteinase K. 

Originally, this very special endopeptidase is secreted by Tritirachium album Limber in the presence of hair/keratin and is one of the most active endopeptidases ever known. As the first enzyme able to digest keratin, it was designated as Proteinase K.

The mechanism of its action involves the use of nucleophilic residue to cleave a peptide bond. Evidence from crystal and molecular structure studies indicates the enzyme belongs to the subtilisin family with an active-site catalytic triad (Asp39-His69-Ser224). 

 Proteinase K is stable in a broad range of environments: pH, buffer salts, detergents (SDS), and temperature. In the presence of 0,1 to 0,5% SDS, proteinase K retains activity and will digest a variety of proteins including nucleases in DNA/RNA preparations without compromising the integrity of the isolated DNA. 

We are a direct producer and provide highest grade enzyme at an affordable price. We offer custom formulations for either solution aliquots or lyophilised powder portions. Custom packing, including OEM, is available in a variety of vials, and bottles or even customer's own containers.