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  • 04/04/2024

Project WasteValue is focused on circular economy and resource recovery challenge by deploying integrated bioprocessing to recover carbon and nutrients from organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW), food waste and fish sludge in order to make maximal use of these waste and residues. These fractions will be used to formulate a substitute for A-1 jet fuel, natural gas and agriculture fertilizer. We aimed at reaching strong impact with respect to the indicated co-products. The primary objective of the WasteValue is to explore and develop an innovative biorefinery scheme for the production of high performance biofuels and a high-quality fertilizer from a variety of waste streams, thereby offering novel, research-based means of mitigating climate change and supporting the transition to a future sustainable bioeconomy. WasteValue will present the best possible solutions for effective organic waste management with regard to the environmental, social and economic aspects. The important aspect of emerging contaminants presence and fate, including microplastics, in the related processes will be also assessed. The technology will contribute to resource recovery and savings, improvement of economic aspects of waste management and multi- and interdisciplinary training and education of biorefinery aspects.