ExToPCR™ Kit

Fast, enzymatic extraction of DNA from various samples. Kit contains Hot Start PCR Mix.
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1032K-100 100 reactions
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Advantages of the product

  • Fast, 15 minute procedure
  • DNA extraction is performed in a single-tube, without the need for multiple washing steps or centrifugation.




buffer-based DNA extraction

sample type 

  • blood
  • FFPE tissue
  • swabs
  • hair follicle
  • animal tissue
  • insect
  • feathers


The ExToPCR™ Kit consists of reagents for DNA extraction and Hot Start PCR mix.

Fast lysis procedure allows for efficient extraction of DNA in an amount required for PCR reactions. Thermostable XTP enzyme and dedicated XTP buffer ensures optimal extraction efficiency and inactivation of cellular nucleases. In addition, the extraction buffer does not contain harmful and irritating substances.

The supplied XTP HS-PCR Mix contains antibody-blocked thermostable DNA polymerase. It is activated during the initial DNA denaturation, which significantly improves the specificity of the reaction. In addition, the XTP HS-PCR Mix contains components to prevent the inhibition of PCR, as well as dyes and loading buffer, which allows the application of samples directly on the agarose.

ExToPCR™ Kit