JO-FI™ competent cells

High efficiency competent cells suitable for any type of cloning method and standard plasmid DNA transformation. Stable replication of high-copy plasmids.
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1033-20 20 pcs
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1033-40 40 pcs
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Advantages of the product

  • High transformation efficiency: 5–6 x 10⁹ cfu/µg pUC19 DNA


  • Tetracycline (15 µg/ml) and Streptomycin (25 µg/ml) resistance.
  • The lacIq repressor enables tight, IPTG -dependent  expression control from the trc, tac and lac promoters.
  • The lacZΔM15 deletion allows the white-blue color selection of recombinant clones (LA + X-Gal).
  • recA1 gene mutation reduces the occurrence of undesired recombination events during cloning.
  • endA1 gene mutation decreases endonuclease I activity. This results in a lower level of DNA degradation, providing faster plasmid DNA transfer.
  • mcrA gene mutation allows efficient transformation of methylated genomic DNA.
  • hsdR gene mutation allows efficient transformation of unmethylated DNA after PCR amplification.


JO-FI™ competent cells