Kit for rapid, enzymatic purification of PCR products. Sample size: 20 μl of the PCR reaction mixture.
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1021-100 100 reactions
    32.64 €
1021-500 500 reactions
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Advantages of the product

  • Eliminates losses of the purified PCR product


The EPPiC mixture contains two enzymes that effectively degrade dNTPs and primer left-overs from previous PCR mixtures while leaving the double stranded DNA PCR products untouched.

EPPiC enzymes are active at 37 °C in standard buffers used in PCR and are completely thermally inactivated by 15 min incubation at 70 °C. The EPPiC purified PCR fragments are free from dNTPs and original PCR primers and may be directly used in downstream applications including nested, second round PCR, SNP analysis, molecular cloning and cycle sequencing reactions.

Sequencing result of the PCR product (16s rDNA E. coli) / 1500 bp purified with EPPiC. PDF