Nucleotide terminators removal kit after cycle sequencing reactions. Sample size: up to 20 µl.
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444-50 50 isolations
    78.96 €
444-250 250 isolations
    315.60 €



binding capacity10 µg DNA
sample sizeup to  20 µl
elution solutionwater, TSR



This kit is based on the precipitation of sequencing reaction products on the surface of the special membrane.

The Mix Blue reagent and the bind / wash solution are added to the sequencing mixture. This mixture is applied to the column with a special membrane. During the centrifugation on the membrane, the sequential reaction products settle, while the excess terminators pass through the membrane and are removed. Remnants of salt and other impurities are removed in the next stage - washing.

The purified sequencing reaction products are eluted directly in water and can be used immediately for thermal denaturation without the need for drying and suspension in a suitable solution (capillary sequencers).