Bead-Beat Micro AX Gravity

Versatile, increased efficiency kit for genomic DNA purification from various sources. Mechanical lysis. Sample size: up to 2 ml of bacterial culture, up to 2 ml of fluid or 100 mg of liquid yeast culture, up to 100 mg of plant tissue, up to 20 mg of animal tissue, up to 100 mg of faeces, up to 200 mg of environmental sample up to 50 mg of other biological material.
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106-20 20 isolations
    61.92 €
106-100 100 isolations
    248.16 €


binding capacity20 µg DNA
sample size
  • bacteria culture: up to  2 ml
  • mold and yeast liquid culture: up to 2 ml
  • mold and yeast solid culture: up to 100 mg
  • plant tissue: up to 100 mg
  • animal tissue: up to 100 mg
  • enviromental samples: up to 200 mg
  • other biological samples: up to 50 mg
elution volume
from 120 µl
elution solutionelution buffer E
Bead-Beat Micro AX Gravity

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