Proteinase K (lyophilisate)

Enzyme for digesting proteins in biological samples. Form: lyophilisate, activity ≥ 35 U/mg.
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1019-25L 25 mg
    17.76 €
1019-100L 100 mg
    60.24 €
1019-250L 250 mg
    84.96 €
1019-1L 1 g
    244.32 €

Advantages of the product

  • Highest quality due to unprecedented purity grade
  • DNA and RNA free. Dedicated to applications sensitive to exogenous nucleic acids
  • DNAse and RNAse free


Proteinase K is one of the most active endopeptidases ever known. This serine-like protease exhibits extremely effective degradation of both native and denatured proteins. Proteinase K is widely recommended for quick deactivation of endogenous RNAses and DNAses within the first steps of nucleic acids isolation.

Proteinase K (lyophilisate)