Kit for rapid, enzymatic purification of PCR products.
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1021-100 100 reactions
    41.28 €
1021-500 500 reactions
    165.36 €
1021-2500 2500 reactions
    660.72 €

Advantages of the product

  • Quick, lossless and effective PCR product purification.
  • Better stability at room temperature compared to other SAP-based products.


The EPPiC mixture contains two enzymes that effectively degrade dNTPs and primer left-overs from previous PCR mixtures while leaving the double stranded DNA PCR products untouched.

EPPiC enzymes are active at 37 °C in standard buffers used in PCR and are completely thermally inactivated by 15 min incubation at 70 °C.

The purified product can be used in downstream applications including nested, second round PCR, SNP analysis and cycle sequencing reactions.

Sequencing result of the PCR product (16s rDNA E. coli) / 1500 bp purified with EPPiC. PDF