MagnifiQ™ 1 Genomic DNA instant kit

Kit for automated, magnetic isolation of DNA in the strip format. Contains ready-to-use, reagent-filled stips and all necessary consumables.
Product Code:SizePriceQty
604A-1V-32 32 isolations
    155.52 €
604A-1V-160 160 isolations
    622.08 €

Advantages of the product

  • MagnifiQ™ 1 Genomic DNA instant kit does not require the initial preparation of buffers. Just add samples to the strip and get extracted material within approximately half an hour.
  • Enables  isolation of different samples with universal kit and automated extraction programme.


sample typesample size
Bacteria G-, G+ (cultures)up to 2 x 108
Yeast (cultures)up to 1 ml
Cell culturesup to 1 x 106
Blood: fresh or frozen, serum, plasmaup to 200 µl
Animal tissueup to 20 mg
Swab1 pc
protocol time~ 30 min
elution volume100 µl
elution solutionTris buffer
binding capacity30 µg DNA
downstream applicationsqPCR, RT-qPCR, sequencing



MagnifiQ™ 1 Genomic DNA instant kit is designed for DNA isolation from various types of biological materials. The isolated material is perfect for further analyzes and tests by qPCR and RT-PCR methods and for sequencing.

The MagnifiQ™ product series is based on the automated isolation of nucleic acids with use of magnetic beads. This method significantly shortens working time and reduces risk of mistake in comparison to manual methods


MagnifiQ™ 1 Genomic DNA instant kit

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