MagnifiQ™ CiTi Converter DNA Methylation Kit

Complete kit for efficient conversion and preparation of converted DNA for methylation research. Purification method using magnetic beads.
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027MB-50 50 reactions
    132.48 €
027MB-250 250 reactions
    529.20 €

Advantages of the product

  • High-throughput, complete conversion of GC-rich DNA.
  • Minimized DNA degradation and loss during treatment. 
  • Simple and efficient magnetic purification method.
  • Eluted, ultra-pure DNA is ideal for use in molecular analyses.


MagnifiQ™ CiTi Converter DNA Methylation kit is designed for bisulfite conversion and purification of converted DNA for high-throughput methylation analysis. Purification method uses magnetic beads and a magnetic stand dedicated for manual operation. The kit has been designed to provide complete conversion of unmethylated cytosines and to minimize template degradation and loss of DNA during treatment and clean-up.

MagnifiQ™ CiTi Converter DNA Methylation Kit