Sensitive CiTi Mix EvaGreen®

High specificity ready-to-use mix for real-time Hot Start PCR with EvaGreen®. Optimized for epigenetics analysis by HRM technique. 2x concentrated.
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2017CT-200 200 reactions in 20 µl
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PCR reactionreal-time Hot Start


Sensitive CiTi Mix EvaGreen® is ready to use real-time Hot Start PCR mixture optimized for high specificity, dedicated for epigenetics analysis by HRM technique. Mixture is twice concentrated and contains all the components needed to perform the real-time PCR reaction except for the template DNA and primers. It includes the optimum concentration of salt and magnesium ions, thus the only reaction conditions that should be pre-optimized is the amount of added DNA template, concentration of primers and temperature profile of the PCR.

Sensitive CiTi Mix EvaGreen®