TranScriba noGenome Kit

Kit for first-strand cDNA synthesis with efficient genomic DNA removal. Contains RNAse inhibitor and standard primers.
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4000NG-20 20 reactions in 20 µl
    59.28 €
4000NG-100 100 reactions in 20 µl
    232.56 €


The TranScriba noGenome™ kit utilises minimum hands-on time and effort compared to already  existing DNA removal protocols combined with reverse transcription. It consists of two consecutive steps: efficiently getting rid of genomic DNA and first-strand cDNA, high yield synthesis.

 The RNA sample is briefly incubated in the noGenome™ buffer to effectively remove genomic DNA. After genomic DNA elimination, the pure RNA sample is ready for reverse transcription. The reverse transcription may take from 15 to 60 min depending on target RNA features and template quality.

 TranScriba™ reverse transcriptase has a high affinity for RNA and is optimized for efficient and sensitive cDNA synthesis from 10 pg to 1 μg of RNA. This high affinity, in combination with TranScriba™ thermostability and reaction buffer, enables high cDNA yields, even from templates with high GC-content or complex secondary structures.

TranScriba noGenome Kit