PCR Mix Plus Green

High specificity ready-to-use mix for PCR. Contains PCR antiinhibitor, Taq polymerase and dyes facilitang easy tracking of electrophoresis. 2x concentrated.
Product Code:SizePriceQty
2005-100Z 200 reactions w 25 µl
    41.28 €
2005-1000Z 2000 reactions w 25 µl
    288.24 €

Advantages of the product

  • dyes to help track the progress of electrophoresis.


PCR Mix Plus Green is optimized ready to use high specificity PCR mixture containing Taq DNA polymerase, PCR buffer, MgCl₂, dNTPs and stabilizers at optimal concentration.

Mix also contains blue and yellow dyes and loading buffer. These additives enable direct loading of PCR products on agarose gel upon completing the PCR.

When running  2% agarose gel separation, the blue dye migrates as DNA fragments of 1 kb while the yellow dye represents the front of the separation.

PCR Mix Plus Green